Tips for 23 Mobile Things Coaches

As a 23 Mobile Things Coach, we’re asking you to read and respond to participant blogs. We will split up the blogs amongst many of us and you will have a certain amount to follow.

You do not need to reply to every blog post of each participant you follow, but certainly reply to a handful of them, especially if they are asking questions or complaining about something. Some participants will not ask questions or complain about anything, and for those participants just reply every so often to offer encouragement.

Here are some common things you may see in the blogs and suggested responses to them. You do not have to use these responses word-for-word. These are just some suggestions on how you may formulate a response.

1. Participants may ask how to use a certain feature of an app.

How you respond to this depends upon the question and the app. If you have access to the app on any of your devices, try to troubleshoot as best you can by using the app yourself. If you do not have access to the app, try to find videos online or websites that talk about the question they’re asking.

If you cannot troubleshoot, then email with a link to the blog post so we can try to troubleshoot the question.

2. Participants may complain about an app or a whole category for one of the Things.

We know this will happen because we can’t guarantee that everyone will love every app. A response like this is appropriate:

We understand you may not like this app. What we tried to do with 23 Mobile Things is have a wide variety of apps for people to explore, knowing that it’s still good to explore an app even if you don’t like it. So don’t worry about not liking the app. Just explore it so you get an idea about how it works and then move on to the next Thing.

3. Participants may complain about how the screenshots or videos explaining the Thing do not exactly match their device.

There are so many devices out there, so we know our screenshots and videos will not look exactly right for everyone. If participants complain about this, here is an appropriate response:

I agree, it can be frustrating when the screenshots and videos are different than what you see on your device. That was a really hard thing for us when we were putting this program together. There are so many devices, and we used a variety of Apple and Android devices to write up all the Things, but we know our screenshots and videos may not look exactly like your device. The functionality should be the same on your device, but the icons or buttons may just be in different spots than what you see in our screenshots or videos. Please just try your best with your device and the information we provide.

4. Participants may gush over how much they loved an app.

This is a good thing and you will see this often. This is where you can just write an encouragement response to the participant, something like this:

That’s awesome! I’m so glad you liked this app and you have found a great way you could use it. I can’t wait to see what else you discover as you continue through the Things.

5. Participants may finish 5, 10, 15, 20, or all the 23 Mobile Things and may ask you for badges.

Participants can earn virtual badges for completing 5, 10, 15, 20, and all the 23 Mobile Things. Under the FAQs is information on how they can get the badges, which basically states that they have to email and tell us when they have completed the Things to get the badges. Here’s a response you could give them:

Congratulations for finishing this many Things! In our FAQs it talks about how to get badges. Basically you want to send us an email at minn23@gmail with your name, region and blog name and we will add a badge next to your blog on the blog list by region. If you have another place to display a badge, let us know that in the email, too, and we will send you the badge to display.

6. Participants may ask certain questions about how 23 Mobile Things works.

You may get participants asking about CEUs, or about how many Things they need to complete in order to qualify for the prize, or about how long they have to complete the program, etc.

Please refer to the FAQs to try to answer some of these questions. If the question is not there, then email the link of the blog so we can reply to the question.

7. Some participants may state that their library app isn’t listed under Thing 11.

Thing 11 is Library & Reference and and we listed a bunch of different library apps from around the state. We’re almost sure we missed some library apps. If a participant blogs about Thing 11 and mentions that we missed their library’s app, please email about the library’s app so we can add it to Thing 11. You can also reply to the participant’s blog with something like this:

Thanks for letting us know about your library’s app! We knew we missed some. I’ll alert our webmaster and we’ll get it added to the site soon.

8. Let us know about really great blog posts for Thing 21 Free-for-all.

Thing 21 is Free-for-all where we’re asking participants to tell us about great apps that they like that weren’t a part of 23 Mobile Things. If you find a really great blog post about an app, email with the blog post link. We want to put some links to exceptional blog posts in Thing 21.

9. How much time will this take?

We estimate about an hour per thing, although we know time can fly when you get involved with some apps. We think it is possible to download, install, and use the app in an hour. This will give you an idea of what the app does and some time to blog about your use of the app. The CEUs are 23 hours for finishing all the things (no pro-rated hours!), which is one hour per thing.

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