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Blogger is Google’s free blogging platform, so if you already have a Google account you can sign into Blogger with that same account. Blogger has been around since the early days of the web, so it is one of the most recognizable names in free blogging platforms.

Getting started

  1. You must first use Blogger on a web browser to create a blog. Then you can access your blog via the Blogger app.
  2. Go to Blogger.
  3. Either Sign In with a Google account you already have, or click the Sign Up button to create a Google account.
  4. After you have logged in or created your Google account, click on the New Blog button to create a new blog.
  5. Give it a title (this can be whatever you want) and then give it an address. The address will be part of the domain name, so it will be
  6. Select a Template and click the Create Blog button. Your blog has been created!
  7. Now download the Blogger app and log into your Google account to access your blog.

Now, dive in and write some posts. Here are some screenshots that should help get you started.

After you log into your Google account in the Blogger app, it will seem kind of bare. You need to write some posts to see some content. Here is a screenshot showing where to click to write a post (click to make it larger):

Blogger app home infoAfter you tap the center of the screen to write a post, you’ll then see the post editor. Here is a screenshot highlighting some things that may help you (click to make it larger):

Blogger write post infoFor more information on using the Blogger app, watch this short video – Blogger App Tutorial:

Don’t forget to go back to Thing 1 to register your blog!

Libraries & blogging

Libraries, library staff, library friends groups, and library associations have been blogging, with Blogger and a variety of other blogging platforms, for a long time now, and in a variety of ways. Here are some Minnesota library blogs to give you some blogging inspiration:

  • MALF uses their blog to highlight programs, share information, and put out calls for library support.
  • The Ramsey County Law Library writes interesting blog posts about legal research, history, web resources, judges and government officials, and more.
  • The Arrowhead Library System uses their blog to highlight programs, share relevant and fun articles, showcase conference wrap-up posts by library staff from around the system, and more.
  • CMLE blogs about happenings in their region,
  • Doug Johnson, the Director of Libraries and Technology for the Mankato (MN) Public Schools, shares his insights about school libraries and education on The Blue Skunk Blog.

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