ELM Mobile

Written by Jennifer Hootman, Minitex (Thanks, Jennifer!).

In 2012, the ELM portal (Electronic Library for Minnesota) was treated with responsive web design techniques. This means that the site automatically responds to any device’s screen size no matter if that is a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Also, users will not have to remember a separate mobile access point for the website. It’s all at the same location – elm4you.org!

If you access the ELM portal via a smartphone, you’ll see this screen with a menu of mobile-friendly options and databases:

ELM Mobile 1

Here’s what each one of these things leads you to:

  • Research Now connects you to the mobile-friendly databases. At the bottom of that page is a link to the full list of all ELM databases.
  • Ask a Librarian connects you to AskMN, 24/7 reference service.
  • Plan Your Research takes you to the Research Project Calculator.
  • View Help Videos will take you to our Minitex Reference Outreach & Instruction YouTube Channel where we have all of our video tutorials.
  • Find Your Library connects you to the State Library Services’ Library Directory.
  • Friend Us on Facebook! connects you to our ELM Facebook page.

If you access the ELM portal via a tablet, you’ll see a screen that is similar to the desktop version. ELM doesn’t have a mobile app per se, but the responsively designed ELM mobile website looks great on iPads. If you have a fleet of iPads in your schools, consider adding the ELM website to them to make library research tools prominent and easily accessible. The following process will put a link to ELM on an iPad’s home screen, right next to other apps.

On an iPad, open Safari and go to the ELM website (click to make it larger):

ELM home

Click on the Share button and select Add to Home Screen (click to make it larger):

ELM share icon text

There it is (click to make it larger):

ELM ipad icon

The ELM Portal can be bookmarked on Android devices as well. Since there are so many different types of Android devices, to figure out how to bookmark something on yours, see if we have tips linked under Thing 2 for your device.

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