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Wattpad is a social media community focused on connecting readers and writers through stories. There are thousands of books available, including a number of “classic” titles from Project Gutenberg. Writers can submit their stories to be shared on the site. Access is completely free and there is the opportunity to connect with other readers. Wattpad will allow you to read from a variety of platforms, including tablets, phones, and of course, a laptop.

Getting started

  1. Download the app.
  2. Sign up for a new account either with email or Facebook. If you have an account, click Log in.
  3. Choose whether you want Wattpad to send you notifications.
  4. Go through the four set-up screens (iPad); any of these can be skipped:
    1. Choose a photo for your profile, your gender & your birthday
    2. Choose the kinds of stories you like
    3. Choose a cover to add a story to your library
    4. Find friends via Facebook or choose from a list of suggested friends
  5. You’ve set up WattPad!

When you open Wattpad, here are what the icons mean (click to make it larger):


When you click on the Settings icon, this is the menu that appears with a myriad of options.  This is also where you can access Help (click to make it larger):

wattpad settings

Want to write and submit content to Wattpad?  Check out their guidelines here.

Wattpad has developed a set of 7 “How to” videos to help you use it. Though they are focused on using Wattpad from a computer, they give a good overview of how to use the product. Here is the How To Create a Wattpad Account video, but you may want to check out their whole playlist of How-To videos.

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