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Haiku DeckHaiku Deck: Apple only

Have you ever wanted to make a quick presentation for a training session or to show photos from a field trip or library program? How about a slideshow of your Instagram food pics? Whatever your goal, with Haiku Deck you can easily create impressive-looking presentations without a lot of preparation—or time.

Haiku Deck makes it easy to create impressive slide presentations. Less is more on Haiku Deck. Haiku Deck intentionally limits how much text that you can put on each of your slides. Haiku Deck helps you find Creative Commons licensed images for your presentations. When you type a word or words on your slides you can have Haiku Deck search for images for you. You can also use your own images from your iPad, import images from various sites, or take a photo with the iPad camera.

You can create a Haiku Deck and share it right from your iPad without an account. With an account you can publish your decks to the web. This allows you to save the deck to the Haiku Deck site, view them from any web-connected device, embed them in a blog or web site, export as Keynote or pptx file, and more. You can download and print your deck from the web app.

Note that while you cannot create a deck on an Android device, the decks you create on the web app show up in your account and can be viewed in the browser on your tablet or phone. They look great in full screen mode.

Getting started

  1. Download the app. Either start creating your deck or Create an Account.
  2. To create an account, use your email and create a password, or sign in with Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Important: Remember how you signed in because you will want to sign in the same way on the Haiku Deck website http://www.haikudeck.com. Your decks are saved on the web.

Here are some screenshots to help you get started with Haiku Deck.

This first screenshot shows what Haiku Deck might look like the first time you enter it. Here you can see the + button to create a new Haiku Deck or how you can delete decks (click to make it larger):

Haiku Deck home

After you click the + button to create a new Haiku Deck, you’ll need to give it a title, as is seen here (click to make it larger):

Haiku Deck title

After you give your presentation a title you will automatically enter the edit mode. This screenshot shows how to use the edit mode controls (click to make it larger):

Haiku Deck edit mode

One of best things about Haiku Deck is how easy it is to add images. Enter a term in the search box, and Haiku Deck finds Creative Commons licensed images related to your term. Choose an image and it fills the slide background. You can import images from cloud sites or take a picture with the iPad’s camera. This screenshot shows the simple Image Search screen with the Import menu (click to make it larger):

Haiku Deck adding images

After you tap Publish, the Save & Share window opens. Here you can share your new deck to a variety of places. You can also change the privacy settings, edit the title, and more. To share on Twitter or Facebook, connect your account to Haiku Deck. Here is a screenshot showing these options (click to make it larger):

Haiku Deck sharing

See Haiku Deck in action with this video – YALSAblog App of the Week: Haiku Deck:

Libraries & Haiku Deck

There are many opportunities to use Haiku Deck in your library. How-to guides, promotional videos for programs, book trailers, and orientation sessions are just a few ideas. Take a look at these decks for some inspiration:

2 thoughts on “Haiku Deck

  1. Erin May 3, 2014 at 11:32 am Reply

    I couldn’t get these presentations (how to guides) to play…just a black screen with a icon image…

    • 23mobilethingsmn May 7, 2014 at 12:11 pm Reply

      Maybe try again? The video from the YALSAblog and the Haiku Deck examples all seem to work fine for me (although the decks did take a bit to load). Let us know if you still have trouble. Thanks!

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