vine iconVine: Apple / Android

Vine is the hottest video service right now that only allows you to take 6-second videos. 6 seconds doesn’t seem like long, but think of them as enhanced photos. Instead of a still shot of a library program, make a quick 6-second video you can share on the library website or via social media.

Vine connects to your Twitter and Facebook accounts for easy sharing, and videos are also stored on your device so you can share or save them anywhere else.

Getting started

  1. Download the app.
  2. Open it and it will prompt you to either sign in with Twitter or Sign Up with Email, so choose whichever you’d like.
  3. You can follow other people in Vine, so on the homepage any videos they have recently taken will appear.
  4. To take a video, click on the camera icon in the top right-hand corner.

Here are some screenshots to help get you started.

The homepage in Vine will show the latest videos from people you follow. Just scroll down through the videos to see them. They automatically play when you hover over them and they will play in a loop unless you tap on them. Here is what the homepage looks like (click to make it larger):

Vine homepage

To take videos, you want to click on the camera icon in the top right-hand corner of the app (click to make it larger):

Vine camera

Then you just put your finger in the center of the screen to take the video. Take your finger off the screen to pause and place your finger on the screen to start again. The video below shows how to do this.

There are also other pages you’ll need to know in Vine. Besides the home page there are the Explore, Activity, and Profile tabs. These are in different places on Apple and Android devices. Look at these screenshots to see where these tabs are and what they do.

Apple devices (click to make it larger):

Vine ipad settings

Android devices (click to make it larger):

vine android tabs

To see Vine in action, you may want to watch this video – CNET How to Get Started with Vine:

This video also gives a good overview – How to Use Vine iPhone App:

Libraries & Vine

Libraries are using Vine in a variety of ways. You can see people posting videos of library events, book displays, new book videos, library tours, patron book and movie reviews, and more. Here are some articles you might want to explore:

More information


Just like in Twitter, Vine uses hashtags as a way to organize posts. Hashtags are when you place the pound symbol (#) in front of a word to turn it into a link. You can then click on the link to see other videos people have posted with that same hashtag. This works very well when everyone at a conference posts videos with the conference hashtag. Or if you have students post videos with the same hashtag for an assignment. Get to know hashtags and how they work.

Saving items & commenting

Once you’ve figured out how Vine works and you’ve started to follow some people, you need to know how to save items or comment upon videos. This screenshot shows you how to do that (click to make it larger):

vine saving stuff

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