i Visual Info Touch

i vi touchi Visual Info Touch Lite (Free): Apple / Android

Designed specifically for the tablets, i Visual Info Touch allows you to create infographics within minutes. Your graphics can include diagrams, text, and photos, and there is a large objects library to include in your designs.

NOTE: We had a hard time with the Android app. Often it wouldn’t open at all. It was the only infographic creation app we could find for Android devices, so if you know of something else, please use that app for this and blog about it in your Thing 15 blog post.

Getting started

  1. Download and open the app and you’ll be asked to either watch the tutorial or create an infographic. We recommend you watch the tutorial and then create an infographic.
  2. After you click the Create Infographic button you’ll see a blank page with some icons on the top. The icons allow you to add background colors, shapes, text, and to save the infographic to your camera roll.
  3. There is also the option to buy the full version of the app, which gives you more designing options.

Here are some screenshots to get you started.

When you open the app, you’ll be asked to either watch the tutorial or create an infographic, like you’ll see here (click to make it larger):

i vi home buttons

After you click Create Infographic, you’ll be brought to a blank slate. You can add shapes and change their size and color, as you’ll see here (click to make it larger):

i visual adding and changing shapes

And you can change the background, though there aren’t that many options, which you can see in this screenshot (click to make it larger):

i vi backgrounds to choose

And you can add text in all different colors, as you can see here (click to make it larger):

i vi adding text

When you finish your infographic, you want to save it to your camera roll. There is no option to edit an infographic after you save it, and in fact, as soon as you close the app your creation is no longer going to be in the app. So you want to plan ahead for your infographic because you’ll need to create it all in one sitting. Make sure to save it before you leave the app, as you’ll see here (click to make it larger):

i vi saving final

For more information on using i Visual, watch this video – Create Infographics in 5 Minutes with iVi Touch:

Libraries & Infographics

We don’t have specific examples showing libraries using iVisual to create their infographics, but libraries certainly are making infographics to highlight a variety of things. Instead of having a report or piece of paper listing statistics about library usage, why not make a simple infographic to show it more visually?

Here are just a few examples of infographics in libraries and education that may spark an idea in you:

So what could you show more visually in an infographic instead of having it in a report? Circulation stats? Ebook usage? Library gate counts? Positive feedback on library events? Think about how you could use infographics and write about it in your blog post.

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