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Visualize appVisualize Free: Apple only

Visualize allows you to use images, illustrations, text, images, lines, and more to make a simple infographic. There is a library full of different icons and stationery to make your infographic pop.

With Visualize Free you can add up to 10 objects in your creations and you’re only allowed to have 3 saved projects. You also cannot export any of your creations, but the easy way around that is to just take a screenshot of what you have created. And once you have finished with one infographic, delete it to make room for another.

Or you can upgrade to the full version of Visualize, which has no restrictions, for a cheap $0.99.

Getting started

  1. Download the app and open it and you’ll see a couple example projects.
  2. To create your own project, just click on the + Add box.
  3. When designing a project, use the icons on the bottom of the screen to add text, backgrounds, a gallery of shapes and more.

Here are some screenshots to get you started.

When you open the app you’ll see some example projects or a way to create your own, as is shown here (click to make it larger):

Visualize home buttons

After clicking the + Add button you’ll open up a blank project and you want to use the icons at the bottom of the screen to add items. Here’s a screenshot showing what they each do (click to make it larger):

Visualize icons meaning

When you add text you have a lot of options for font and color as you’ll see here (click to make it larger):

Visualize text back

When you have finished your project, click the Save button at the top of the page to save it, as this screenshot shows (click to make it larger):

Visualize saving

Unfortunately, with the free app THERE IS NO WAY TO SHARE YOUR PROJECT. However, you can take a screenshot of it which will save it in your photos and you can crop it and share it from there.

Otherwise, you can pony up the $0.99 to buy the full version of Visualize which allows you to share and which has no restrictions on the amount of projects you create or the amount of items in each project.

For more information about Visualize, watch this video – Introduction of Visualize iPad App:

Libraries & Infographics

We don’t have specific examples showing libraries using Visualize to create their infographics, but libraries certainly are making infographics to highlight a variety of things. Instead of having a report or piece of paper listing statistics about library usage, why not make a simple infographic to show it more visually?

Here are just a few examples of infographics in libraries and education that may spark an idea in you:

So what could you show more visually in an infographic instead of having it in a report? Circulation stats? Ebook usage? Library gate counts? Positive feedback on library events? Think about how you could use infographics and write about it in your blog post.

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  1. Duane February 12, 2014 at 1:19 pm Reply

    I have forgotten–how do you do a screen shot on an iPad?

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