19. Hobbies

There are a lot of hobbies out there and there is almost an app for every hobby you can imagine. With such a broad topic, this selection gives a tiny sample of what you may discover. We have limited ourselves to give apps that cover a fairly wide swath of hobby topics, but we know we may not cover yours, so we’re also willing to hear about apps you discover for your hobby.

Blogging for this Thing

Use at least one of these apps, or, if these suggestions do not cover a current interest of yours, treat yourself to find an app that fits your passion and use that for Thing 19. Write a blog post about the app you have chosen and why it may help you with your hobby. If you know of another app that would fit under this Thing, tell us about it in your blog, too.

MyGarden iconMyGarden: Apple / Android

For those with a green thumb or interest in discovering who online might have gardening advice, try MyGarden. This web service and companion mobile apps categorizes itself as the Facebook of gardening.  Share what is in your garden, ask for help identifying plants you would like to add (or eliminate), and get useful information for your growing zone.

Click here for help getting started with MyGarden.

Vivino iconVivino Wine Scanner: Apple / Android

Vivino Wine Scanner is a quick, easy way to keep track of wine you and your friends like…or don’t like. Just snap a photo of the wine label, record your likes or dislikes, and share them with friends. You can also discover wine this way, too. Snap a photo of a label to see how Vivino users have rated that wine.

Click here for help getting started with Vivino.

Cor kz iconCor.kz Wine Info ($1.99): Apple / Android

Another wine app you may be interested in is Cor.kz Wine Info. Judged to be one of 50 best for the iPhone, Cor.kz is an inexpensive app ($1.99) that searches over a million wines either by name or barcode. Tied to free web service, Cellar Tracker, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

Click here for help getting started with Cor.kz.

RoadNinja icon.jpgRoadNinja: Apple / Android

When you are on a road trip, you often want to know what services are at upcoming exits. RoadNinja helps you by providing information on restaurants, gas stations (including gas prices!), hotels, shopping and more. The app brings you services that are within 3 miles of a given exit. This is a free app available for both Android and iPhones.

Click here for help getting started with RoadNinja.

Sibley icon.jpgSibley eGuide to Birds of North America LITE: Apple / Android

This is the lite version of the Sibley eGuide to Birds of North America. It only includes 30 birds, but gives users a good feel for how the full version (which is $19.99) works. This app includes hi-res images, sound recordings, territorial maps and more. Search by distinguishing features such as colors, size, etc., and you can also filter by state which limits your results to where you are actually located.

Click here for help getting started with the Sibley eGuide.

ESPN ScoreCenter appleESPN ScoreCenter: Apple only

ESPN ScoreCenter is in an all-sports-in-one app. It provides real-time scoring information for hundreds of sports and leagues around the world, all in one easy-to-navigate interface. Add your favorite baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, or other team and you can quickly find scores, recaps, videos, stats, and more. You can easily connect to the WatchESPN app to watch games & more at no additional charge if you are a cable subscriber.

ESPN SPortsCenter androidESPN SportsCenter: Android only

SportsCenter is an Android/iPhone phone app, but works on a tablet or iPad. It has more teams/sports to follow including more non-US teams than ScoreCenter. It has all the same features as the ScoreCenter app with live scores, breaking news, video highlights, in-depth analysis, personalized alerts plus a few more. The iPhone app is identical to the Android app, except the buttons are at the bottom of the screen.

Click here for help getting started with these ESPN apps.

spotifySpotify: Apple / Android

Spotify is now free on mobile devices, and it’s a must-have for any music fan. With Spotify, you have access to a world of music. You can listen to artists and albums, create your own playlist of your favorite songs, or listen to ready-made playlists. We’re even going to challenge you to make a playlist for your library.

Click here for help getting started with Spotify.

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