Wine Info

Cor kz Wine Info ($1.99): Apple / Android

Another wine app you may be interested in is Wine Info. Judged to be one of 50 best for the iPhone, is an inexpensive app ($1.99) that searches over a million wines either by name or barcode. Tied to free web service, Cellar Tracker, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. The Android version of the app even offers side-by-side comparisons.

Getting started

  1. The opening screen, after downloading, shares information on a new varietal offered at a discounted price and a browse tab. (See screenshot below.)
  2. Click Browse Wines. Check a country of your choice and note the region(s) and wines offered
  3. Review Top Regions for the best wine offerings from around the world
  4. Click My Cellar and configure your home selection.  You may use an existing account or set up a free account.
  5. Scan in a label from your own wine selection.
  6. Click Pedia for wine terms, wine varietals, and wine regions.

Step 1 screenshot (click to make it larger):

Cor kz home screen

Step 6 screenshots (click to make them larger):

Cor kz pedia screen

Cor kz pedia detail by region

For a review of the app, Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane, hosts of iPad Today, reviewed on episode 137, on February 21, 2013 (jump to minute 4:25 where they dive into the app):

For a free alternative to try Vivino Wine Scanner for something similar but without the Cellar Tracker feature.

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