MyGarden iconMyGarden: Apple / Android

For those with a green thumb or interested in discovering who online might have gardening advice, try MyGarden. This web service and companion mobile apps categorizes itself as the Facebook of gardening.  Share what is in your garden, ask for help identifying plants you would like to add (or eliminate), and get useful information for your growing zone.

Getting started

  1. Open the app and click the Register for free link to create an account. Fill in the appropriate fields and click Register.
  2. After logging in to MyGarden you will see links five options.
  3. Plant overview highlights the most popular varieties from
  4. Click any that you have growing in your garden or have been considering planting. The green bar let’s you Add to my garden to customize your profile.
  5. Add a message and Messages enables you to share your questions and comments with other MyGardner participants.
  6. Click Gardeners to see who is registered. You may find someone you would like to follow.
  7. Garden todo’s offers time sensitive tasks.

Here is a screenshot showing the homepage of MyGarden (click to make it larger):

MyGarden basic plant info

Watch a KTVO TV 3 (Kirksville, MO) YouTube clip for a brief intro to MyGarden:

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