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Zite is a smart personal magazine in that it knows what you like. When you build your Zite magazine, you tell Zite about what you like and it populates your magazine. Then it tracks what you read and continues to populate your magazine with things it thinks you may like.

Getting started

  1. Open the Zite app and click the Build Your Zite button.
  2. Choose some topics you’re interested in. You have to choose at least four. At this point you can also link one of your social media accounts to Zite, too.
  3. Tell Zite who you are – this is where you fill out your account information. You can also skip this step and fill it out later (the skip button is on the bottom right-hand side of the page).
  4. Then, before you start using Zite, it’ll give you a short few pages on how to use Zite. Look at these pages, because they’ll show you how to discover new topics, add interests to your Zite (basically you can tell it when you really like something), and how to navigate the app.

Here are the screenshots from Zite that may be helpful for you.

Once you go through the steps of setting up your Zite, you’ll then see Your Top Stories. Here’s how to navigate this page (click to make it larger):

Zite homepage

If you click on the menu button you’ll see other sections of Zite you can read. These are the sections you signed up for when you built your Zite. Here’s a screenshot showing this (click to make it larger):

Zite other sections

If you want to read more of a story you need to tap it to open it up. When you do so, there are some things you may want to do, like give a story a thumbs up or thumbs down or share it. Here’s a screenshot showing this (click to make it larger):

Zite story options

For more information on using Zite, you may want to watch this video, but note that Zite recently updated so what you’ll see in the video looks different than it is now, but the functionality is the same – Our Favorite iPad Apps: Zite:

Libraries & Zite

You can follow library news with Zite, too. Just open Zite and click on the search icon on the top of the page. Search for a topic you’re interested in, like libraries, public libraries, school libraries, information literacy, digital literacy, storytelling, etc. Click on the results Zite gives you and Zite will show you a page for that topic and if you like it you can add it to your interests.

Here are some screenshots showing you how to do this.

To search for a topic of interest, just click on the Search icon on the top of the page, as you can see here (click to make it larger):

Zite search icon info

When you search, the search results will show up below the search bar. Click on the result that best matches what you searched for, as you can see here (click to make it larger):

Zite searching info

After you select a topic, Zite will show you the page it has created. If you like what you see, click the heart button and it will add it to your interests which you can access from the menu button. This screenshot shows how to do this (click to make it larger):

Zite adding topics interests

Currently, Zite doesn’t allow you to add a specific RSS feed to follow, but their interests pages may lead you to find blogs or publications you may not have found on your own, so it’s still a good way to keep on top of library news.

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