Bamboo Paper

bamboo paperBamboo Paper: Apple / Android

Bamboo Paper is a digital notebook app to help you capture your creative moments and thoughts. With this app you can take notes, sketch, and draw with your finger or a stylus using a selection of six different pen tools.

Getting started

  1. Download and open the app. The first thing you’ll see is a video showing the things you can do with Bamboo Paper, so you may want to watch that.
  2. Then you’re asked to set this up for left handed or right handed, so choose what you need.
  3. Then Bamboo Paper asks you to set up your first book, so click Start First Book.
  4. The first book will automatically be called Notes, but you can click on the title to change the name
  5. Otherwise, tap on the book to open it up and start adding text or drawings. The screenshots below will show you what each of the icons is for notetaking.

Here are some screenshots to get you started.

When you open Bamboo you will create your first book. After you create it, tap on it to open it and the page will be blank. Here is a screenshot showing what the icons on the toolbar can do (click to make it larger):

Bamboo taking notes

You can make more books in Bamboo Paper. On the Bamboo homepage, just click the plus button, as is shown here (click to make it larger):

Bamboo creating new note

After you select Thinker to make a new notebook, you will then be offered the options of the notebook color and the type of pages you want in the notebook, as is shown here (click to make it larger):

Bamboo color and pages

You can also share whole notebooks in Bamboo Paper. The share icon at the bottom of the homepage allows you to do this, as is seen here (click to make it larger):

Bamboo share icon

For more information using Bamboo Paper, you might want to watch this video, but know that he’s showing a slightly older version of Bamboo so some of the icons look different, but the functionality is the same – Bamboo Paper Review:

2 thoughts on “Bamboo Paper

  1. Kelly Felkins March 30, 2014 at 11:12 am Reply

    You have arrows explaining all of the icons…except the one on the far right. Does anyone know what this icon does?

    • 23mobilethingsmn April 7, 2014 at 12:36 pm Reply

      I don’t have this app available right now, but I’m guessing it’s a bookmark? Anyone else know?

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