7. Content Saving & Sharing

We all save things we find on the web—ideas, essays, pictures, blogs, news sites, whatever strikes our fancy. The traditional way to save things is with bookmarks in a browser—or many bookmarks in multiple browsers. This is great if you only use your desktop or laptop, but many people now have multiple devices with different browsers and probably different bookmarks on each. How do you find all those great sites when you are on any of your devices?

Using apps to store your bookmarks in the cloud makes them accessible from any Internet-connected device. For Thing 7, we’re going to show you a couple different apps that may help you store some of your content in the cloud.

Blogging for this Thing

Use at least one of these apps and add some items to it. Write a blog post about what you think about the app and how you may be able to use it personally or professionally. If you know of another app that would fit under this Thing, tell us about it in your blog, too.

Pinterest iconPinterest: Apple / Android

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that turns that traditional list of bookmarks into a bulletin board-type display of photos. You pin to Boards (folders) you create so you can find the pins again. Each photo/pin is a link to the site where you found it. This is great for visual learners or anyone who needs a pictorial reminder of just why you saved that link. Pinterest has many social features to explore, too, but this Thing focuses on the saving/finding features of the mobile app for Pinterest.

Click here for help getting started with Pinterest.

bitlyBitly: Apple only / BitDroid: Android only

Bitly began as a way to shorten URLs, but has expanded its services to include saving, sharing, and discovering links. With Bitly, your bookmarks are available via its website, in a browser extension, and in its mobile app. Bitly calls these bookmarks bitmarks. The bitmarks can be put in bundles (folders) to save and share. You can mark both bitmarks and bundles private. You can see how many people clicked your bitmarks, too.

bitdroidThere is no official Bitly app for Android, but if you have a Bitly account, this third-party app BitDroid for Bitlly works with your Bitly account. URLs can be shortened and shared, but you can’t bundle or track in this app. Connect to your Bitly account to save, shorten, and view bitmarks. You don’t need an account to shorten a URL Bitly account using BitDroid for Bitly.

Click here to get started with Bitly.

Click here to get started with BitDroid for Bitly.

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