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Bitly began as a way to shorten URLs, but has expanded its services to include saving, sharing, and discovering links. With Bitly, your bookmarks are available via its website, in a browser extension, and in its mobile app. Bitly calls these bookmarks bitmarks. The bitmarks can be put in bundles (folders) to save and share. You can mark both bitmarks and bundles private. You can see how many people clicked your bitmarks, too.

Getting started

  1. Download the app.
  2. To shorten, save, bundle, and track your bitmarks, you will need an account.
  3. Use your email address to sign up. Created a username and password for Bitly. Or you can sign up with Twitter or Facebook.
  4. When you want to save a link in Bitly, copy the link you want to share in Safari or another app and then open the Bitly app.
  5. Bitly recognizes you have copied a link and it automatically asks if you want to save it. It’s that simple!

Here are some screenshots to help get you started.

To save a link in your Bitly account, copy a link and then open the app. It’ll then ask you if you want to save the link. If you aren’t prompted to save the link, you can also paste the link into the Bitly app as shown in this screenshot (click to make it larger):

bitly save

After you add your URL, you then need to click the Next button and select a few other options as shown here (click to make it larger):

bitly save 2

When you add a link to Bitly, it automatically shortens the URL. To find the shortened URL, open up the details page of an item you saved in Bitly and scroll down to find it, as shown here (click to make it larger):

bitly shortened

You can also manage all your bitmarks by tapping on the menu icon on the top left-hand corner of the screen. Here is a screenshot showing all the different ways you can manage your bitmarks (click to make it larger):

bitly settings

To learn more about Bitly and how to track links, making a bundle, and other things, watch this video – Bitly Video Tutorial:

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