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Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that turns that traditional list of bookmarks into a bulletin board-type display of photos. You pin to Boards (folders) you create so you can find the pins again. Each photo/pin is a link to the site where you found it. This is great for visual learners or anyone who needs a pictorial reminder of just why you saved that link. Pinterest has many social features to explore, too, but this Thing focuses on the saving/finding features of the mobile app for Pinterest.

Getting started

  1. Download and open the app.
  2. Tap Join Pinterest. (You don’t need an account to browse Pinterest.)
  3. Create User Name and Password. Tap Join. Or you can sign up with Facebook and, on Android, with Google.
  4. You will immediately see the Everything feed on Pinterest.
  5. Check your email and verify your account. You are ready to pin!
  6. Browse the Pinterest boards and choose a few to follow by tapping Follow. The boards you follow will now appear on your Profile page.
  7. Once you verify your account and start following boards and people, you will see your home feed, which features the most recent pins from those feeds you follow. The more pinners or boards you follow, the more the content will refresh.

Here are some screenshots to get you started.

On the iPad, the home page shows the most recent pins from Boards/People you follow & has the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page. Here is a screenshot showing this (click to make it larger):

pinterest ipad home

On Android devices, the home page is a bit simpler as you can see here (click to make it larger):

pinterest android home

You’ll want to create a board in Pinterest so you can start pinning items to it.

On an iPad, you want to click the Profile button, tap the + button, and then name your board. The Profie page is where you can also edit your profile, add a picture, change your password, and more. Here is a screenshot showing this (click to make it larger):

pinterest ipad create

On Android devices, click the Profile button and tap your picture to see all your boards. Tap Create a Board and name the board. Here are a couple screenshots showing this (click to make them larger):

pinterst android create

pinterest android create 2

To find things to pin, you can search pins already on Pinterest, browse Pinterest categories, or pin from the web. To search Pinterest or browse categories, tap the Search icon on the homepage. Here are a couple screenshots showing this (click to make them larger):

pinterest pinning

pinterest pinning 2

Pinning from a Pinterest feed works the same on the iPad and in Android. Things change when pinning from the web. There are two ways to pin from a feed, as shown here (click to make it larger):

pinterest pin feed

In this screenshow you can see that the pinning window has lots of options for activity (click to make it larger):

pinterest pin feed 2

On an iPad, you search the web using the Pinterest browser and use the Pin It button in the browser to save content, as seen here (click to make it larger):

pinterest pin web

There is no Pinterest browser for Android. Find content using your Android’s web browser. When you’re viewing a page:

pinning android pinning

Libraries & Pinterest

Pinterest is full of librarians & libraries, universities, teachers, non-profits, designers, corporations, and others who have learned to use Pinterest to promote their programs, learn new things, and share what they have found that is useful. Creating carefully curated boards and following only those boards of interest to you can eliminate a lot of the clutter that some people don’t like on Pinterest.

Libraries of all types are using Pinterest to post book lists, display ideas, programming, and more. Browse these boards:

Type of Library

Minnesota libraries

Other boards of interest

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