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Cloze is a social media organizer that allows you to keep track of the people that are important to you. This focus on people is really at the heart of this app. As it states on the Cloze website, “With Cloze people come first, everything else is secondary.” Cloze brings together Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and your email into one interface. Through analyzing your email and social media feeds, it brings forward what it sees as the most important things.

Another key feature of Cloze is the Cloze Score. Cloze analyzes your email and social feeds to find out who matters to you most then gives each contact from these various sources a Cloze Score. This Score is a “measure of relationship quality from 0 to 100.” Using an algorithm based on a number of factors, the higher the Cloze Score, the stronger the relationship. Scores will adjust with additional or less interaction. Cloze realizes that no algorithm is perfect and provides an option to adjust a person’s score to where you think it should be. Cloze also cautions that the Score is not a measure of social media influence nor should it be seen as an accomplishment or a badge.

For more about Cloze, check out their About Us page.

Getting started

  1. Download the app.
  2. Choose Sign Up (or Login if you have an existing Cloze account).
  3. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and a Password.
  4. Follow on-screen prompts to connect email and social media programs.
  5. Your account is active!

Here are some screenshots of the Cloze app to help get you started.

Email options (click to make it larger):


Social options (click to make it larger):


You can access settings from the main Cloze screen. Here is what’s on that menu (click to make it larger):


For more information on the Cloze app, you may want to watch these videos. These videos are from Cloze and aren’t specific to any platform.

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