CamMeCamMe: Apple only

Selfies have never been easier with CamMe. CamMe allows you to set your device down and just wave at it to take a picture. You can be in a group or by yourself but taking the picture is as easy as a wave.

Getting started

  1. Download and open the app.
  2. Instantly you’ll see a video showing you exactly how to use this app, so watch that video.
  3. When you’re reading to take a picture, set down your device, at least 2-10 feet away from you, raise your hand, close your hand, and then you’ll get a countdown before it snaps the picture.
  4. It saves all pictures in your photos on your device. That’s it. The app is very simple, but a great way to take selfies or group pictures.

Here are screenshots of the video at the beginning of the app that show how to use it (click them to make them larger):

CamMe 1 CamMe 2 CamMe 3 CamMe 4 CamMe 5

The app is so simple there isn’t much else to say. Just download it and try it!

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